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Reg S Offerings

Reg S offerings are typically referred to as “Offshore Offering” because they mainly have to either do with a foreign company creating an offering, or an US company that is offerings its debt or equity overseas, i.e. outside the United States. A Reg S offerings is typical of many European offerings and the larger clearing firms in Europe, often grant access to their systems via a Regulation S offering. can assist in drafting the necessary Reg S paperwork and ensure that your offering is properly structured.

Regulation S

What is Regulation S? Regulation S is a “safe harbor” that defines when an offering of securities is deemed to be executed in another country and therefore not be subject to the registration requirement under section 5 of the 1933 Act. The regulation includes two safe harbor provisions: an issuer safe harbor and a resale safe harbor. In each case, the regulation demands that offers and sales of the securities be made outside the United States and that no offering participant (which includes the issuer, the banks assisting with the offer and their respective affiliates) engage in “directed selling efforts”. In the case of issuers for whose securities there is substantial U.S. market interest, the regulation also requires that no offers and sales be made to U.S. persons (including U.S. persons physically located outside the United States). and Reg S can assist in all aspects of the Reg S process.

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