Listing & IPO Services

If your company is seeking to list its securities on any of the world’s major stock exchanges, or you may be considering conducting an initial public offering (IPO) ISIN’s team can assist.


Having your company’s securities listed on a stock exchange can bring added value to your positioning. Often companies will publicly list their securities, whether its debt or equity, in order to raise capital quickly and more efficiently. The main reason for listing, IPOs or going public (there are distinctions actually with all three) is that a company’s securities will be able to be purchased by a larger segment of the investment community. In private placements this is not the case as the stocks or bonds being offered are to a select group of private investors. This is not the case when listing a company publicly. Here at ISIN we can assist with both public and listing services and of course private placements.

Securities Identifiers

Of course once a company decides to list their securities on an exchange a securities identification code will be required and most of the time this entails an ISIN code, or if on a local exchange, a CUSIP, SEDOL or other codes like APIR. This is not in lieu of an ISIN as an ISIN code would also be needed most likely.

What you will need

The basics of what you will need to get listed is a prospectus. The prospectus, like the private placement memorandum, acts as the book or tool that explains what the company is offering investors for his/her capital, including the rules, tax and legal issues and more. Additionally applying and obtaining ISINs or other securities identification numbers will be needed as well.

Our team at ISIN can assist with the entire process of listing and IPO services. Whether you wish to list on NASDAQ or the NYSE, or the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange or the London or Hong Kong exchanges we can assist.

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