Azerbaijan Corporate Issuer ISIN News: SOCAR< Turanbank, Unibank, AzFinance

Baku, Fineko/ 06.10.2016The secondary market of domestic currency bonds of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) with ISIN-code AZ2001019895 has been opened since 18 October in the Baku Stock Exchange system.

The BSE informs that completion of calculations on the placement of bonds by the National Depository Center 17 October, and the start of accruing a coupon on them contributed to that.

“Investment company PSG Capital (the underwriter of the bonds issue) acts as the market-maker on SOCAR domestic currency bonds. The PSG conducts daily quotation of the bonds in Exchange’s trade system. Secondary transactions with bonds are available through the BSE member investment companies and their representation offices at centers ASAN #1 and #5,” the BSE informed.

At that, the placement of SOCAR bonds at the BSE was finished on 14 October. The bonds for $100 million (half of the issue) were set out for placement.

The first part of the bond issue was sold by subscription. The demand for this part of the issue totaled $203.495 million, and during the process of bonds distribution the preferential right of subscription was given to individuals.


Baku, Fineko/ 06.10.2016 The Financial Markets Supervision Chamber (MNBP/FIMSA) allowed banks Turanbank and Unibank, and insurance company AzFinance to increase their charter capitals.

The Chamber informs that on 6 October it registered Turanbank’s shares issue prospectus with ISIN-code AZ1002005549 – 4,622 papers with par value of 1.082 manat.

On 3 October the Chamber registered Unibank’s additional shares issue prospectus – 20.2 million papers with par value of 2.72 manat.

On 29 September the Chamber registered AzFinance’s shares issue prospectus with ISIN code AZ1001019715 – 550 papers with par value of 1,000 manat.

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Azerbaijan Corporate Issuer ISIN News: SOCAR< Turanbank, Unibank, AzFinance