Apply for CUSIP

CUSIPs are sought for a variety of reasons, mainly for identification purposes and also for clearing and settlement. can assist you with applying for a CUSIP number.

CUSIP Definition

A CUSIP number is a 9 digit or alphanumeric code. CUSIP is used to classify or categorize securities issued in the United States and Canada, or more broadly ‘North America’. CUSIPs, like ISIN codes, are used to facilitate clearing and settlement of securities trading. CUSIPs are owned by the American Bankers Association and manged by Standard & Poor’s on their behalf.

Obtain a CUSIP

Companies of all types apply and obtain CUSIP numbers. The range of securities and company entities that obtain CUSIPs range from publicly traded companies to private hedge funds, mutual funds, those that issue stocks, bonds, notes, debentures and more. can assist your company with the needed documentation in order to apply for a CUSIP, such as a private placement memorandum, or offering memorandum or prospectus or other offering document.

Why Apply and Get a CUSIP

Companies apply and get CUSIP numbers for many reasons, and CUSIPs help with:

  • identifying millions of financial instruments.
  • Covering corporate, government, municipal and international securities as well as initial public offerings, preferred stock, funds, CDs and competitive/negotiated deals, derivatives, U.S. listed equity options and syndicated loans and foreign companies and funds.
  • Analysts, and holders, as well as brokers to identify and access issue-specific data.
  • Custodians and sub-custodians to communicate on securities related transactions.
  • Depositories to manage transactions and examine historical data.

Our team at ISIN can assist your company or fund with CUSIP assistance, from the memorandum to the application.


The CUSIP distribution system is owned by the American Bankers Association, and is operated by Standard & Poor’s., an independent organization, is not affiliated with the American Bankers Association or Standard & Poor’s.