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ISIN.com is the Leading Provider of ISIN Code and Bond Offering Consulting

ISIN.com is the world’s leading provider of ISIN and CUSIP number assistance. Whether you are conducting a 144A or Regulation S Bond or Equity or debt Offering, ISIN.com can assist with your ISIN or CUSIP number needs. Our ISIN specialists are seasoned industry experts with a vast array of experience in debt and equity offerings. ISIN.com’s team can ensure that your company is structured properly and that you obtain the proper number identification for your securities.

ISIN.com’s location

For years our staff has been assisting companies in the equities and debt spheres, including public companies and private institutions. Because so many companies are seeking access to capital and many need exposure and credibility, it is often needed to obtain a unique identifier. This identifier, often in the form of an ISIN number code or a CUSIP number code, enables a prospective investor to type via a computer or trading terminal one’s unique code and view the company’s basic information.  Many of these companies reside in New York and on Wall Street, adjacent to our office. However, ISIN.com has a presence in many countries and representatives and partners all over the world.

ISIN.com’s Team

ISIN.com’s team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the bond and equities markets, as well as the 144A and Reg S markets.

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Join ISIN.com’s Team

If your company or firm has clients that need our assistance for equity or debt offerings in 144A, Regulation S, ISIN services, CUSIP services, or basic private placement offerings and more, and are seeking extra income, ISIN.com offers a partnership program that is both aggressive and long term. Many companies that do not offer our services refer their clients to ISIN.com. ISIN.com offers a referral fee program or other avenues to make extra money.

Worldwide ISIN and CUSIP Assistance

ISIN.com assists companies worldwide with their ISIN number or bond needs. Our domain name and website, www.isin.com, gives our partners the comfort that they are working with a professional global firm with a stellar reputation. Whether one needs an ISIN number in Australia, China or Germany, ISIN.com can assist in an efficient and cost effective manner. This goes for 144A and Reg S bond offerings as well.

How the Partnership Works

There are virtually two options for our partners: 1) our partner can receive a referral fee from ISIN.com for referring a client to us, or 2) our partner can charge on top of our services. Please contact us for more information.

Email Account and Resources

ISIN.com is continuously seeking to grow. If you would like to be part of ISIN.com’s team and receive and email address such as ‘mitch@isin.com’ in order to help you grow your business, please let us know. If you become our partner our resources will be at your disposal. An email address and being part of our team will certainly assist with your sales and marketing. We will teach you how we operate, which in turn will help clarify to your clients a more clear process to success.

Contact ISIN.com for more information on our Partnership Program