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An ISIN number is a 12-character alpha-numerical number that does not contain information characterizing financial instruments but serves for uniform identification of a security at trading and settlement. An ISIN number is similar to a social security number in that the ISIN code identifies the securities characteristics. An International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) uniquely identifies a security, such as stocks, bonds and more. An ISIN’s structure is defined in ISO 6166. Securities for which ISINs are issued include bonds, equities, commercial paper and warrants.  ISIN.com can assist with virtually any ISIN needs.

If you are seeking to obtain a ISIN number and need assistance in this process, ISIN.com’s ISIN consultants can help. We have assisted scores of companies over the years obtain their ISIN numbers. ISIN.com assists in creating full Bond and Equity Packages, from the offering documents to the bond or stock creation and registration.

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