Bloomberg LP is the leading platform for institutional investors, portfolio managers, professional traders and hedge funds to secure financial industry news, securities reference data, research reports, corporate news and to electronically trade a broad spectrum of financial market securities, including equities, debt, futures products, options and other financial instruments and for general corporate business needs.

Bloomberg Listing

Many Issuers, from public companies to private funds want to have their securities or company profile listed with Bloomberg. Step 1 includes securing FIGI reference data code for added credibility to Issuer securities, private companies and public or private funds. Because Bloomberg is one of the most respected financial information platforms in the world with a terminal farm that has 300,000 users,   listing your financial instrument or fund on the Bloomberg information platform can be an added benefit, especially if one is seeking to assign a Bloomberg code aka FIGI to its securities.

Bloomberg Upload

Many wish also to upload their company profile to Bloomberg in the mutual fund or hedge fund section, either via creating screen shots or profile creation.

Bloomberg Trading

Bloomberg allows companies to buy and sell stock or bonds through their system. Many create buy and sell tickets or orders and this can be done, along with tracking securities, with Bloomberg.

Hedge Fund and Funds

It is common for funds to create a profile on Bloomberg for hedge funds or mutual funds. Hedge fund managers or the fund administrators create profile in the fund upload section.

Bloomberg is a world leader in the financial and media industry. Thousands of companies worldwide utilize Bloomberg for news information and stock and securities data via their Bloomberg terminals. One can track, analyze and trade securities from Bloomberg directly. It is a must have service for Wall Street professionals.

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