ISIN Number Cayman Islands

ISIN Number Cayman Islands

Many funds such as hedge funds, mutual funds or feeder funds have Cayman Island domicile funds. This is done for many reasons, mainly for ease of business, asset protection and the like. Apply and obtaining ISINs for Cayman Islands funds is also a standard for Cayman companies.

To apply and have assigned an ISIN for a Cayman fund, some type of company documentation like the offering memorandum or private placement memorandum would be submitted. A prospectus would normally work as well.

Cayman ISIN numbers are used to distinguish between the various fund share classes. For example often a fund may issue multiple classes of shares, or even one class of shares with varying currencies. Such complex structures need to have ISINs to help identify, uniquely so there is no confusion, the various classes and currencies.

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