CUSIP Number

CUSIP numbers are a 9 digit code that is given to US and Canadian securities for identification purposes. CUSIP numbers are issued to a variety of company entities and formations, as well as a variety of securities. Assignments for CUSIPs include stocks, bonds, notes equities, classes of shares for both companies and funds, onshore and offshore CUSIPs such as in the United States or the Cayman Islands and much more.

Obtain a CUSIP

If you are seeking to apply for a CUSIP and need assistance in the CUSIP application process, or in the documentation needed to supply for the CUSIP application, can assist. Our staff have many years of experience working on offering memorandums and prospectuses or other documents needed to comply or to supply for the CUSIP number to be issued.

Applying for CUSIPs

When applying for CUSIPs the company seeking the CUSIP number must be validly existing and comply with the stated rules for the CUSIP. The CUSIP application process can take a short time or several days or more, depending on what i needed and being offered in one’s offering documents.

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